Innovating for tomorrow, today

Relief aid is not just about solving problems. It’s about preventing more. It’s about logistics, durability and performance. Our determination to create products that withstand extreme conditions has impacted core relief items supply over the past 25 years.

*Since 1999, our focus has been on the Research and Development (R&D) of tents and other core relief items. Only by perfecting designs and continuously innovating can we offer long-lasting materials for extreme weather conditions.

*All products are designed in close collaboration with leading International Aid Agencies.

*While durability and performance are the essence of our R&D, we go to great lengths to ensure efficient logistic capabilities, as well. It goes without saying that ease of handling and logistics are key elements of relief supply. Here too, we continue to innovate: our adapted stackable pallet cages or adapted container pallets have become an industry standard and offer a lot of advantages.

* The RED (Rapid Emergency Dome) concept is a new approach to Shelter distribution when time, budget and scale of shelter to victims of natural disasters is of essential importance.


  • 1995

    First manufacturer to use polyester/coton fabric for humanitarian tent

  • 1999

    Partnership with Nizam

  • 1999

    Yukatan Tent - Netherlands RC

  • 2004

    First production site for humanitarian tents in China for international interventions

  • 2004

    All Weather Tent ICRC/IFRC

  • 2005

    Winterized All Weather Tent ICRC

  • 2006

    Optima Winterized Tent MSF

  • 2007

    Base 45 m2 Multipurpose Tent MSF

  • 2008

    Base 33 m2 Multipurpose Tent

  • 2008

    Frame All Weather Tent Swiss RC

  • 2009

    First manufacturer to start producing fleece blankets in Pakistan

  • 2009

    Family Tent ICRC/IFRC/UNHCR

  • 2011

    RED® : Rapid Emergency Dome

  • 2011

    Tropical Family Tent (Swiss RC)

  • 2012

    Hub Multipurpose Tent 24, 42, 72 m2 UNICEF

  • 2013

    First manufacturer to start producing cookware in Pakistan