On board from the first idea to the final product

To ensure durability and performance, all of our products are subjected to rigorous field testing and put through the motions in well-equipped laboratories.

*Our in-house laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies that allow us to perform accelerated weathering simulations, rain testing, mechanical strength testing and more.

*We take things further than the laboratory. At our Uganda office we perform field tests and monitor temperature behaviour in different types of tents. It helps us get a better idea of the conditions our beneficiaries deal with day to day.

*We are actively involved in the production management of tents, blankets and kitchen sets in both Pakistan and China.

*Thanks to our joint venture with H. Nizam we were the first company in Pakistan to produce polyester fleece blankets for the humanitarian market. In addition, we will pioneer the production of kitchen sets in Pakistan at the Karachi Export Processing Zone.

*Besides our joint ventures we have a number of successful global partnerships, including one for PE extrusion to plastic sheeting with OKSpoly, a partnership for jerry can blowing and shelter tool kits assembling in China, our own Hygiene parcel assembly line in Bulgaria, …

*To ensure the highest possible quality at all times, we employ strict QC systems and insist on ongoing sampling and testing by own and third party inspectors. Our range of products are 100% conform with the standards of international organisations.

Finally, we don’t take our working ethics lightly. Good working environment and conditions are beneficial for all of us.