Fire-retardancy (FR) of products such as tents, plastic sheeting and blankets has become increasingly important. To evaluate the FR capacities, we perform both lab and real-life tests.

We have learned that non FR-tents have a burnout time of less than a minute, which may prove a fatal threat for the end-recipient. Therefore, we offer FR solutions for all of our products regardless of the main fabric used (PE, polycotton or fleece).

  • The poly-cotton family tents as well as our PE based multipurpose and geodesic family tents hold fire resistance certificates based on internationally recognized testing methods (CPAI 84-6).
  • Our plastic sheeting is fire retardant with the fabric being impregnated in the core during the production process.
  • Our fleece blankets are cigarette and fire-proof following ISO 12952 regulations.

Interesting to know:

  • PE is inherently slow flame spread, meaning it will slow the spread of fire without any FR chemical surface treatment.
  • In order to imbue the poly-cotton material with FR qualities, the fabric receives a chemical surface treatment. As the chemicals are applied on the surface areas, the end-user should be advised to limit the direct contact with the fabric (mainly for babies and young children). Secondary FR treatment of the poly-cotton fabric also considerably increases its overall weight.
  • Our fleece blankets are FR and cigarette burn-proof, while they are not chemically treated on the surface. There is no dire
  • ct contact between the skin and any harmful chemicals/substances that may cause irritation, itching or general discomfort.

Fire and Flammability test

In case of fire, cotton or polycotton tents without any fire retardant treatment burn down in less than 1 minute.
This movie shows the difference in how the fire is spreading between a treated and non treated tent.


The Alpinter RED tent is entirely made of PE, which is inherently slow flame spread. The tent will not entirely burn, but allowing people inside to escape in case of fire.

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