Since 1995, Alpinter has focused on the Research and Development (R&D) of tents and other core relief items. 

We strongly believe that by combining the efforts of suppliers, humanitarian agencies and the end-recipients, we can create an adaptive response net to cover a wide range of vulnerabilities that a natural or man-made disaster might cause.


    A history of innovation

    Alpinter is the first manufacturer to use polycotton for humanitarian tents
    First tent developed by Alpinter: the Yukatan tent for the Dutch Red Cross. Until today, the tent is used by the Turkish Red Cross.
    Start of the partnership with Nizam
    Development of the All Weather Tent
    Alpinter is the first manufacturer to start producing fleece blankets in Pakistan.
    After the Pakistan floods, Alpinter was able to produce over 1 mil. blankets, thanks to the partnership with Nizam. Alpinter was the only international supplier offering local supplies.
    Alpinter is the first manufacturer to use PE fabric in tent production.
    Development of the HUB range of multipurpose tents
    Alpinter is the first supplier introducing polyfill blankets to the humanitarian market.
    Development of the BLUE tent: the Basic Living Unit for Emergency (ICRC/IFRC/IOM standard)
    Alpinter develops the XPERT tent. With its straight walls and integrated shade cover, it's the latest generation of Multipurpose Tents (Unicef standard).
    Launch of ANI: our own jerrycan production site in Ras al-Khaimah (UAE)




    Innovation and the desire to create safer products has seen us commit to making fire-retardant products. A fire can start anywhere and at any time; an untreated tent will burn to ashes in less than a minute, trapping people inside with very little chance of survival. But when the tent canvas has a flame-retardant treatment or is made from materials like polyethylene (PE) that slow the spread of flames, the probability of combustion is significantly reduced, and offers occupants sufficient time to escape to safety.



    While durability and performance are the major focus points for our research and development, we also go to great lengths in the pursuit of more efficient logistics. Alpinter has been an innovative front runner in this area; offering numerous benefits, our adapted stackable pallet cages or adapted container pallets (CRI pallets) have become an industry standard.

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