Liaison Officer – Karachi – Pakistan

Alpinter has been active for over 30 years, as a developer of Tents and other Core Relief Items for humanitarian organizations and government bodies worldwide. With HQ in Belgium (Ronse) and local offices and warehouses around the globe, the company is considered one of the leading actors in the humanitarian sector.

World Of Tents (WOT) is the mother-brand of tent labels Alpino, Canopy, auTentic and Revelry. Alpino and Canopy are existing brands for scouting and gazebo tents. auTentic and Revelry are start-up labels, created in 2019. These labels create and supply tents for glamping, leisure and festivals.

As majority of the operations are located and will continue in Karachi-Pakistan, we are looking for a Local Liaison Officer, working from Karachi, Pakistan.



As the Local Liaison Officer, you will be responsible for:

Communication between Operations-Karachi and the Belgium HQ: make the communication and collection of information clear, fast and efficient:

  • You will be the first point of communication, assuring proper and correct communication between the Belgium HQ and local suppliers. Your knowledge of local language and culture is essential here. You will be in contact with people of different departments: planning and logistics, product development, sourcing and quality, finance, …
  • You will be responsible to follow-up and inform on local legislation, local documentation, local administrative tasks, …
  • Assisting in negotiations related to locally sources raw materials, accessories, …
  • All communication, verbal and written, will be in English. Excellent knowledge of English is a must


Coordination: follow-up and take corrective actions where needed related to:

  • Sampling: follow-up and making sure sampling runs smoothly, reporting on status
  • You will be involved intensively in factory – planning to ensure production is running without issues/delays
    • Raw materials availability
    • Production planning at the suppliers
    • Delivery and shipments
  • At regular intervals, you will report on stock-confirmation/control of raw materials-inventory present at the factory.
  • Logistics – shipments – transportation: follow-up and take corrective actions where needed.


Quality / Compliance

You will be playing an important role in different stages of development and production process to make sure development runs efficient and on time:

  • Product development: assist product managers/developers at HQ in all aspects of product development
  • You will follow-up closely during different stage of sample-making in order to make sure to deliver samples correct and on time
  • During production, you will perform regular in-line quality inspections
  • You will perform final inspections on finished goods
  • You will work with the factory in order to prepare them for any company/social compliance audit planned
  • You will assist during 3rd party final quality (AQL)audits


Local sourcing

When requested by HQ, you will assist in local sourcing of materials (fabrics, accessories, etc.…)


Vendor evaluation

At certain moments in time, you will assist HQ in vendor evaluation.




You report to the head of Group Engineering Department, based in Belgium.

Next to this, for all above points, you will be responsible to report in a clear and efficiency way to the different stakeholders at Belgium HQ.




In order to perform in above mentioned responsibilities, we are looking for candidates with following personal competencies:

  • Technical knowhow
    • Knowledge of textile production processes
    • Knowledge of tent-production is considered as important plus
    • Experience in production / working on production-floor
    • Experience in quality control (in-line and finished products – AQL)
  • Experience with 3rd party audits (compliance – quality)
  • Knowhow of supply chain and planning
  • Interpersonal skills
    • Able to work independently, at a distance from HQ and supporting colleagues and managers
    • Able to judge and act objectively in different situations
    • Person should have a healthy dose of perspective and critical assessment of persons and situations
    • Being able to cooperate with local vendors
    • Communication/reporting to stakeholders at HQ in Belgium
  • Language
    • Local language / Urdu
    • Excellent in English
  • Proactive thinking, anticipating, thinking forward




Please send your application (motivation letter and resume) to following mail-address:



Note: Applications by third parties, headhunter-offices or recruiters will not be taken into consideration.


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