COVID-19 : Alpinter Medical Shelter Solutions

COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic on March 11, 2020 and continues to spread quickly around the world. Alpinter is at the forefront of developing new medical shelter solutions, and we continue to supply tents and equipment to the organisations on the front lines of the crisis.

Alpinter has over 30 years of experience in tent development and emergency supplies. Our experience in infectious disease responses (most recently in the Kivu Ebola Epidemic) guides the efficient design, production and supply of support materials.

Alpinter has been working around the clock to support International humanitarian agencies responding to COVID. So far, we have supplied more than 5,000 hospital tents, 50,000 family tents and large numbers of hygienic parcels with disinfectant gels to our partners in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle-East. 

Download our complete documentation on Medical Shelter Solutions.

Continuous Development for COVID Treatment Solutions

With our in-house design, engineering and production facilities, we are particularly flexible and responsive to the new challenges introduced by COVID-19.

 We continue to expand our product range and introduce innovative new solutions to meet the needs of our partner organisations.

 Find out everything about our new products on this page and in our Medical Shelter Solutions brochure. Or contact our experts directly!

Our Commitment to Safety

We have implemented protective measures throughout our facilities in order to ensure the safety of our workers and the wider community. Quarantine measures have been strictly followed per local regulations, and social distancing and use of face masks are now mandatory in all of our office and factory locations.

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