Haiti Earthquake – Alpinter deploys relief aid items

In mid-August 2021 Haiti was hit by a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake, causing deaths, injuries and widespread destruction of property. These after effects have been particularly devastating for a Caribbean island still trying to recover from another catastrophic earthquake in 2010 that killed 220,000 people, and regularly has to contend with other devastating natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

(C) SOS Attitude

(C) SOS Attitude

NGOs worldwide have responded rapidly in order to provide the victims of this devastating natural disaster with the best possible support. Alpinter has deployed relief items such as tarpaulins, mattresses and solar lamps to Haiti. RED and HUB tents were also deployed to provide victims of the disaster with safe and robust temporary shelter.

Samaritan’s Purse, one of our partners in the United States, also reacted quickly to the heavy earthquake by deploying RED tents for their field hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti, in order to reduce the pressure on local hospitals.

Rapid disaster response requires careful preparation and foresight, and Alpinter is proud to engineer our products, services and stocks to ensure that we’re always ready for the unexpected.


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