Alpinter Delivers Shelter and Relief Aid to Ramallah

Urgent Winter Aid Delivered from Belgium to Palestine

With the bitter winter weather rapidly approaching, the Palestinian Civil Defence (PCD) urgently required portable shelters, blankets and jerrycans to provide a safe environment for citizens from remote and marginal areas. With support from the International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO), the PCD soon secured the required funding, and Alpinter HUB Tents, Blankets and Jerrycans were mobilised from our Belgian warehouse.

The challenge for Alpinter’s in-house logistics team had just begun. We are accustomed to delivering relief aid to far-flung locations, however delivery to Palestine comes with a unique set of complications, given the sensitive political and security situation in the region. Nonetheless, our logistics team were able to coordinate between our freight partners along with customs authorities in both Israel and Palestine to successfully deliver the goods to their final destination in Ramallah. We were especially satisfied to see Alpinter’s multipurpose tents and blankets being deployed in this recent Facebook post from PCD:

Often, the biggest challenge for humanitarian response is the logistics involved in delivering relief aid into disaster or war zones. Alpinter aims to mitigate this by maintaining stock in key strategic locations around the globe, as well as maintaining a specialist in-house logistics service to ensure that our shelters and core relief items get to where they need to go, as quickly as possible. Just like our products, Alpinter is always ready for the unexpected.

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