WEBINAR: Advancing Circularity in Humanitarian Aid: Turning Theory into Practice

In the framework of the Award winning project Circular Economy for humanitarian aid products: A sustainable transition for Pakistan manufacturing and packaging of disaster relief blankets, initiated by H. Nizam Din & Sons Private Limited, Alpinter SA and Closed Loop Fashion, we would like to invite you to the Webinar in collaboration with:



In this session, different stakeholders in the humanitarian sector will address the topic of sustainable initiatives. Together with UNHCR, and research institute Closed Loop Fashion, we uncover inspirational and benchmarking ideas, and practical measures taken to bring sustainability and circularity into practice by rethinking humanitarian products, their production processes and packaging.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your understanding of circular principles or looking for actionable tips to implement within your organisation, this webinar provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to drive meaningful change.
Join us as we navigate the path from concept to applied implementation, unlocking the potential of circularity in humanitarian aid.

Join the Webinar on June 20th at 14:00 (GMT) / 15:00 (CET) by registering here.


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