Didier Heddebaut founded Alpinter in 1988. 6 years later, he was joined by Glenn Verborgh.

The Rwanda crisis (1994) was the first major emergency in which Alpinter was involved. Our actions following natural disasters in Honduras and Colombia (1998) and the Kosovo War (1999), demonstrated the effectiveness of our innovative products and put our logistical solutions to the test. By responding to the overwhelming demand in timely and collected fashion, Alpinter began to gain international recognition. We emerged as a company which specializes in the research, development and manufacturing and supply of shelter items.

In 1998, we started keeping pre-positioned stock at our warehouse in Ronse, Belgium. In 2004, when the tsunami hit the Indian Ocean, in 3 days Alpinter shipped its entire global stocks and organised massive operations directly from Pakistan, India and China to the hit areas. In 2005 during the Kashmir earthquake emergency, Alpinter airlifted more than 100 000 tents in a 3-month period.

In 2000, Alpinter started a joint-venture with Nizam. Nizam is a Pakistan-based company and initially collaborated with Alpinter in the production of tents. In 2009, the Alpinter-Nizam collaboration pioneered as the first relief-aid-equipment provider to produce fleece blankets, which later became a widely-used standard for humanitarian purposes.

In 2016, we proudly launched ANI (Alpinter-Nizam industries). With ANI, we hold a strategic presence and production facility in the UAE, which is geographically an important hub for the entire humanitarian sector. With our new jerrycans production site in Ras al-Khaimah, we became the first manufacturer of non-food CRI in the UAE.

To the present day, we have kept alive the traditions and values on which Alpinter was founded upon. We proudly stand behind the superior quality of our relief-aid products. We are actively involved in the design, development and productionof our products. Our insistence on quality at every stage from basic design to finishing touch, as well as our pursuit of innovation, has seen our client list grow to include international aid agencies, NGOs and international government bodies.

Alpinter’s head office is located in Ronse (Belgium) and as of spring 2018 we have moved to a new building. We also have local offices in the UAE, Bulgaria, Uganda, China and Germany, as well as our own production site in the UAE and kitting assembly lines in Bulgaria. The strategical global presence combined with our storage locations in Belgium, Dubai, Uganda, Pakistan and China enables us to easily and effectively respond to emergencies wherever and whenever they might occur.  

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