Alpinter employs strict quality control procedures to ensure the best possible performance of our products at all stages of their manufacturing. We insist on sampling and testing not only of the finished products, but also throughout the entire production process. A 4-way quality assurance system, with laboratory testing, permanent testing zones, field assessments and real-life tests, ensures the compliance of our products with the standards of international organisations.


We are proud to have at our disposal our own laboratory and a trained and experienced in-house quality control team running it. Our labs are equipped with up-to-date tools to ensure that the tests we run are adhering latest international norms and standards.



To ensure their durability and performance, all of our tents are subjected to rigorous field examination. At our monitoring sites in Belgium, Uganda and the UAE, we examine the behaviour and performance of our tents in different temperatures and climates.



In order to better understand the field challenges, Alpinter regularly conducts field assessments in the affected areas in collaboration with our customers. This helps us to constantly improve our products and adapt them accordingly.

The field assessments we perform allows us to concentrate our efforts in developing products that are best suited to answer the needs of the end-recipients.

In 2023, we conducted a Field Support Visit to the region hit by the Turkey earthquake. The main objective of the field visit was to provides input on how Alpinter can enhance the support to the beneficiaries through product improvements for tented accommodation solutions as well as for larger tented structures like the EMT-2 Field Hospital equipment. Read more about the Field Assessment.



At Alpinter, we regularly expose our products to real-life testing conditions in order to evaluate their performance in extreme weather conditions and circumstances.

Wind resistance is tested in wind tunnel tests. The wind resistance of a tent is extremely important, as winds can be both powerful and unpredictable. Wind testing has shown that our family tents and multipurpose tents can withstand high wind speeds (e.g. BLUE tent: resistance up to 120 km/h, multipurpose HUB tent: resistance up to 120 km/h).

Fire-retardancy (FR) real-life tests allow us to better evaluate how our FR and non-FR fabrics perform in emergency situations. More about fire-retardancy in a humanitarian context.



Alpinter complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.

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