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We have an experienced inhouse logistics team, taking care of organising transport, administration and stock management for our clients.


Organising transportation

We arrange transport for our clients by air, land and sea. We promise our clients to deliver the goods at their destination at the right time, in the right condition and in the most cost effective manner possible.



Worldwide emergency stocks

We keep a constantly replenished stock at our warehouses in Belgium, UAE, Pakistan, China, Uganda and Bulgaria. These strategical locations allow us to have exceptional flexibility and efficiency for transportation. Our in-house logistics team ensures the goods reach their destinations within the agreed time frame.

More info about our stock locations and the items we hold in stock.



Innovation in logistics

We always strive to optimize and secure logistics for our clients.

Alpinter developed the metal stackable pallet for tents and shelter tool kits. It has many advantages: optimized logistics, rapid filling and emptying of containers, reduced risk of damaging bundles and less storage volume required. No rack systems are needed as pallets are stackable, and this system also ensures a adequate ventilation. Metal stackable pallets are now the preferred standard for the major humanitarian agencies.

We also developed the CRI (Core Relief Item) pallet.  A standard euro sized pallet is 120 x 80 cm, which is not adapted to container dimensions. As a consequence, much space is wasted. The CRI pallet is 117 x 75 cm. This slight change optimizes the loading efficiency for containers up to 30% and still fits most of the existing warehouse rack systems, reducing the risk of damage to palletized cargo. CRI pallets have become the standard for the UN agencies.


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