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Alpinter was founded in 1988, and since our inception we have been dedicated to creating adapted shelter and core relief solutions that serve clients and beneficiaries in different emergency situations around the world.

From the earliest major emergencies in which Alpinter was involved – Rwanda (1994), Latin America (1998) and Kosovo (1999) – until now, we have consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of our innovative products and logistical solutions. We are internationally recognised as a specialist in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of shelter and core relief items.


Stock_Alpinter In 1998 we began to pre-position stocks at our warehouse in Renaix, Belgium. This eventually expanded into a global network of strategically placed shelter and relief item depots, now covering the UAE, Pakistan and China, in addition to Belgium. Our global presence enables us to easily and effectively respond to emergencies wherever and whenever they might occur.

NizamIn 2000 Alpinter embarked on a joint-venture with NIZAM, a Pakistan-based manufacturer who initially collaborated with Alpinter on the production of tents. In 2009, the Alpinter-NIZAM collaboration pioneered the relief-aid polyfill fleece blanket, which was later adopted as the industry standard for humanitarian purposes.

In 2016, we proudly launched ANI. With ANI, we hold a strategic presence and production facility in the UAE, which is an important hub for the entire humanitarian sector. With our new jerrycan production site in Ras al-Khaimah, we became the first manufacturer of non-food CRIs in the UAE.

Since 2020 Alpinter has been part of World of Tents, a company whose heart and soul is in tents. World of Tents, the foundations for which were laid more than 100 years ago in the heart of Belgium, brings together different companies with activities in creating, designing and producing tents. From functional humanitarian shelters to sophisticated glamping designs.

Today, World of Tents is the parent company of renowned brand names such as Alpino and Canopy, followed closely by a number of promising newcomers: Autentic, Shield and Revelry. Research & new product development are the epicenter of World of Tents, from which more than 100,000 tents spread around the world every year.

To the present day, we have kept alive the traditions and values upon which Alpinter was founded. We proudly stand behind the superior quality of our relief-aid products. We are actively involved in the design, development and production of our products. Our insistence on quality at every stage from basic design to finishing touch, as well as our pursuit of innovation, has seen our client list grow to include international aid agencies, NGOs and international government bodies.

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