Alpinter Expands its Humanitarian Reach with Supply of Food Parcels

Alpinter is pleased to share the expansion of its activities into a new market of humanitarian food supplies. This expansion reflects Alpinter’s commitment to addressing evolving global crises by providing food parcels designed to meet the nutritional needs of communities in distress. 

Operations will be conducted from Alpinter’s headquarters in Belgium in coordination with our kitting facility in Bulgaria. Both teams will play pivotal roles in organizing these new activities, streamlining operations for maximum efficiency in aid distribution within the targeted market.

Alpinter, recognized for its commitment to quality and reliability, collaborates with trusted and accredited food suppliers. With the capacity to produce up to 10.000 kits per week, the organization is well-prepared to make a substantial impact for UN organizations and other NGOs that are working on alleviating food insecurity in regions facing emergencies.  



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