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Turkey Earthquake 

On February 6th 2023, a series of powerful earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks struck Turkey and Syria. The destructive effect was massive, causing major human suffering, disruption of day-to-day life and significant damages to the region’s infrastructure.                                                 


EMT-2 Field Hospital in Turkey

The Belgian Federal government dispatched the BFast EMT-2 Field Hospital, stored in Belgium for emergency response actions, by military airlift from Melsbroek. The complete Field Hospital, which was jointly developed with Alpinter in 2020, was aquired and stocked as part of the UN initiative to enhance the timeliness and quality of health services offered by national and international emergency medical teams, as well as to bolster the capacity of national health systems in coordinating and activating a response in the immediate aftermath of an emergency.

The EMT-2 Field Hospital has a capacity for at least 100 individuals daily, and overnight accommodations for up to 20 people. It was made operational within 72 hours after arrival at Adana airport and provides vital medical support to the population in the town of Kirikhan since the first day it opened and will be handed over to the local authorities once the BFast medical and support team will end its mission and will remain a first line of care location for the local community.


Field Support Visit by Alpinter team 

At the end of February, a dedicated team from Alpinter HQ traveled to the affected regions in Turkey and visited Kirikhan, Kahramanmanas and other impacted areas in and around the epicenter of the earthquake. The main objective of the field visit was to understand the use and performance of shelter products supplied in the initial phase of the crisis. This analysis provides input on how Alpinter can enhance the support to the beneficiaries through product improvements for tented accommodation solutions as well as for the EMT-2 Field Hospital equipment, assisting in this way the Belgian government and other international relief agencies in their current and future crisis-response efforts.

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