On the evening of September 8 2020, a series of fires took hold in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lebsos. The fire destroyed almost the entire camp, leaving over 12,000 migrants without adequate shelter. Among them were highly vulnerable groups, including children, pregnant women, elderly people and people with disabilities.

Alpinter deployed from strategic stocks of shelter and relief items in Belgium on behalf of several international aid organisations, by chartered air and land transport. Amongst the items deployed were Alpinter RED Tents and Alpinter BLUE Tents (with winterisation kits), along with support items such as blankets, kitchen sets, jerrycans, shelter tool kits and sleeping mats. The response to this crisis was further complicated in the context of COVID-19. Alpinter RED Tents were well suited to the task as they are completely disinfectable with standard chorine solution.

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