Pakistan Floodings 2022

Unprecedented monsoon rains from June to October 2022 have caused severe flooding in Pakistan, affecting more than 33 million people. While monsoons are a common occurrence in Pakistan, this season was extreme compared to the previous years and has been classified as up to 10 times heavier than normal, potentially exacerbated by climate change.

It is estimated that 10% of Pakistan was underwater at the height of the crisisCountless numbers of homes, public facilities and schools have been damaged or fully destroyed because of the floods. The extensive infrastructure damage forced the Pakistani population to leave their homes and take shelter in temporary accommodations provided by various humanitarian aid organisations.

From our strategically located stock in Karachi, Alpinter has deployed thousands of relief aid items to quickly respond to the numerous demands of international aid organisations. Among the items supplied so far by Alpinter were more than 150,000 blankets, more than 7,000 Family Tents and 900 Multipurpose Tents used for shelter, schools and medical posts. 

Alpinter is continuing to produce and mobilise relief goods to respond to this humanitarian crisis. We are continuing to manufacture family tents and make daily deliveries to the affected regions across the country to best support the flood victims.

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