Press Release: Alpinter creates World Of Tents group

Alpinter has been active for over 30 years as a leading manufacturer and supplier of shelters  and other non-food core relief items for humanitarian and institutional organisations. Headquartered  in Belgium, Alpinter manages a network of local offices and warehouses around the world (Bulgaria, China, Pakistan, UAE, Uganda).

The increased trend towards camping & glamping, combined with growing interest in shelter structures from outside the humanitarian sector, inspired Alpinter to think beyond its existing activities and target markets. In 2020, the World of Tents group was created as a mother brand for 6 existing, newly created and acquired tent brands. 

With the various tent labels, World Of Tents combines over a century of collective experience in the design and manufacture of scouting and disaster relief tents with some of the most exciting new brands in glamping, camping, and temporary shelters for events. While the six brands cover diverse markets and user groups, they all share the common values of craftsmanship, design and performance. 

World of Tents, just like Alpinter, continues to operate from Belgium. The Alpinter team remains on board and has been reinforced at group level to respond to an ever growing number of projects in tent design, production and development.


About the brands

Alpinter & Shield
Alpinter was founded in 1988 and is active in the design, production and supply of tents and non-food relief items for the global humanitarian sector. Sub brand Shield was established under Alpinter in 2020. Shield  develops total shelter concepts and solutions for governments, emergency services, military, civil protection and related institutional organisations.

HQ / Showroom: Belgium

Local Offices: Bulgaria, Hong Kong, UAE, Uganda

Stocks: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Pakistan, UAE, Uganda

Production: Bulgaria, China, Pakistan, Poland, UAE


Autentic & Revelry
Autentic was founded in 2020 and is the commercial designer tent brand of the group, active in design, production and global supply of canvas camping and glamping tents and tent related accessories. Commercial custom-based tent design projects are grouped under the sister label of Revelry.

HQ / showroom: Belgium

Stocks: Belgium

Production: Belgium, Pakistan, Poland / 


Alpino & Canopy
Alpino was founded in 1902 (since 1959 under the name of Alpino). Its activities focus on the development, production and sales of tents for scouts and youth organisations. By 2022, the brand plans to add a collection of sustainable camping tents, which will be based on the camping and trekking tent designs from the late ‘60 and ‘70. Linked brand Canopy is active in development, production and sales of easy setup folding tents for various small to large businesses and organisations.

HQ / showroom: Belgium

Stocks: Belgium

Production: Belgium, China, Hungary, Korea, Poland /


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