BFAST Launches EMT-2 Training With Alpinter Field Hospital

Belgian Emergency Medical Team Undertakes Week-Long EMT Training and Conference


Emergency Medical Team professionals from Belgium and around the world have descended on a vast expanse of military warehouses outside Brussels this week, to participate in an EMT-2 training and conference program facilitated by the Belgian BFAST organisation.

This training and development program required the Alpinter Field Hospital to be field-hospital-connectorpartially set up – even this cavernous military warehouse doesn’t have space for the entire setup(!). Nonetheless, a comprehensive range of shelters, connectors, HVAC, sanitary and lighting equipment has been set up just as it would be in the field, to give participants a hands-on experience in an EMT-2 context.

field-hospital-surgeryAlpinter developed this Field Hospital on behalf of BFAST, according to the strict specifications of the World Health Organisation to meet EMT-2 certification. In addition to the field hospital shelters, which are based on Alpinter’s XPERT High Performance Tents, we also designed insulating liners, connector corridors and lighting solutions, in addition to supplying compatible HVAC and sanitary solutions to provide BFAST with a turnkey rapid-deployment field hospital solution. The effectiveness of the Alpinter solution has already been field tested, for example during Belgium’s initial response to the outbreak of COVID in 2020.

field-hosptial-emt2EMT teams worldwide are typically the first on the ground when disaster strikes, providing critical health care in the aftermath of natural and human disasters. Alpinter, with decades of experience in humanitarian shelter development, is perfectly placed to assist. BFAST and similar EMT organisations with their field deployment needs. Like everything else we develop, our field hospital is engineered for the unexpected.


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