Following the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, BFAST rapidly delivered 10,000 sleeping bags as part of their rescue efforts. The Turkish authorities have now accepted Belgium’s offer to send an Emergency Medical Team (EMT 2) from BFAST, equipped with a field hospital to provide medical care and ease the burden on Turkish hospitals, which are overwhelmed with the number of injured individuals.

field-hospital-connectorAlpinter developed this Field Hospital on behalf of BFAST in 2019, meeting the strict requirements set by the World Health Organisation for EMT-2 certification. The field hospital consists of XPERT High Performance Tents serving as the foundation for the shelters, along with insulating liners, connector corridors, lighting solutions, and compatible HVAC and sanitary systems, providing BFAST with a comprehensive rapid-deployment solution. The effectiveness of the field hospital has already been demonstrated, as seen during Belgium’s initial response to the COVID outbreak in 2020.

field-hospital-surgeryA BFAST team is currently on the ground determining the best location for the field hospital, which will be transported by defense aircraft from Melsbroek military airport. The hospital has the capacity to treat more than 100 patients per day and provide overnight  observation for at least 20 patients, and will be staffed by a team of Belgian emergency doctors and nurses, as well as other relevant medical personnel.

At Alpinter, we are closely monitoring the situation and stand ready to assist our partners in the coming hours and days. Our teams have mobilised our stock in various warehouse facilities, and are prepared to respond quickly. From production to warehousing and logistics, Alpinter is engineered for the unexpected.

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