Storm Eunice: Proving the Durability of BLUE Geodesic Family Tents

BLUE Tents withstand sustained gusts of 140 Kph during Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice was an unusually intense non-tropical cyclone, that was one of the most powerful to impact Southern UK and Northern Europe in decades.

The storm caused enormous damage across Northern Europe, with millions of people left without power and many homes and infrastructure sustaining damage. Parts of Belgium sustained wind gusts of 160 Kph (100 mph+), and our HQ in Renaix was no exception.

This meteorological event was the perfect real-world test for Alpinter’s BLUE Geodesic family tent, which happened to be setup in our testing zone throughout the storm:


Despite violent wind gusts of up to 140 Kph, our BLUE Geodesic Tent (left of screen) remained anchored and in perfect condition, testament to the quality, materials and design that go into all of the humanitarian aid shelters that we design, produce and distribute across the globe.


Alpinter is proud to support Governments and NGOs alike with purpose-designed humanitarian relief supplies, to assist vulnerable populations when the unexpected strikes. It is reassuring to see that our shelter solutions can withstand the harshest conditions that mother nature can produce.

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