Alpinter has moved

A brand new HQ

Alpinter is excited to announce that we have moved our Belgium HQ.

Our new office is in a wonderful historical building, still in Ronse, about a kilometre from where we used to be.

You’ll find us at:

Charles de Gaullestraat 7, 9600  Ronse – Renaix – Belgium


Although this is a new home for Alpinter, the building itself dates back to 1906 and has served in several different capacities over time. It started out as a weaving factory and workshop before being used as an office, warehouse and laboratory for a company in the textiles industry. At some point, it shed this image to become a post office and after that, it developed a new identity as a furniture store.

With such a busy history, there’s no surprise that the building has been officially recognised and listed by the Flemish Heritage Agency.


Would you like to see how it looks?

Check out the pictures below. And feel free to ask for a tour next time you drop by!



Ronse – 14 May 2018

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