WHO using High Performance Tents (XPERT Tents) to combat Cholera epidemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set up a cholera treatment center at the Rusayo Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The camp, hosting over 143,000 displaced individuals in dire conditions, faces a severe cholera outbreak that has been escalating since October 2022.

The WHO-supported treatment center is equipped with various High Performance Tents (XPERT Tents) from Alpinter and can treat 50 patients on a daily basis. Read the full article published by WHO.


About the Alpinter High Performance Tents

Unicef Standard
The High Performance Tent (XPERT Tent) is the most recently developed multipurpose tent, created for and together with Unicef in 2019.


The High Performance Tent (XPERT Tent) was created to add a range of innovative upgrades to the multipurpose tents. It features robust advancements such as durable anchoring systems, a streamlined straight-wall design, enhanced installation guidance, and a convenient packaging approach that divides the tent into smaller bags for easy transportation to remote and inaccessible locations. Furthermore, the Xpert Tent offers a selection of supplementary add-ons, such as the hard flooring for a stable foundation, electrical kits for energy efficiency in areas with limited power access and an inner or winter liner to provide insulation in colder climates.


The High Performance Tent (XPERT Tent) is available in 3 sizes: 24 sqm, 48 sqm and 72 sqm. All specification can be found in the XPERT section on our website.


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