In April 2020, with the US struggling to cope with an explosion of COVID, Alpinter supplied numerous HUB Tents to our partner International Medical Corps, a preeminent first responder providing emergency relief to those struck by conflict and disaster. In order to cope with the increasing pressure on hospitals and medical staff during the COVID pandemic, the HUB Tents were deployed to create additional treatment spaces at a range of hospitals across the United States. Now that the pressure on the hospitals is somewhat reduced, International Medical Corps have had the chance to redeploy their Alpinter HUB Tents for other emergency relief responses.

This summer, more than 650,000 people in Haiti – which is still recovering from the severe 2010 earthquake – needed humanitarian assistance after another devastating earthquake. More than half of the healthcare facilities were destroyed or damaged by this natural disaster, rendering many healthcare facilities unusable. International Medical Corps rapidly deployed their EMT-1 multi-tent field hospital, in which the Alpinter HUB Tents played an important role. Due to the earthquake’s extensive damage to the country’s healthcare infrastructure, thousands of pregnant women have had less assistance during childbirth. Many Haitian women had to give birth without prenatal and postnatal care, or at home without a trained medical staff. International Medical Corps have been able to provide lifesaving pre and postnatal care, highlighted by this example where they were able to rescue a malnourished two-week-old infant.

International Medical Cops are always the first on the ground when disaster strikes, providing critical health care in the aftermath of natural disasters. After the first urgent emergency aid has been provided, International Medical Corps shifts to long-term medical support and training. Alpinter is proud to assist the International Medical Cops in their lifesaving work worldwide.

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