Dihad 2022: Environmental Impact Minimisation In Core Relief Items

DIHAD, the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference

After two years of not being able to participate in real-life fairs due to the worldwide pandemic, Alpinter is pleased to attend DIHAD for the 10th time. DIHAD is a worldwide Conference & Exhibition bringing together stakeholders from global non-governmental organisations, UN Agencies, charity organisations, governmental bodies, together with aid relief item providers.


The Innovation Workshop

During this conference, DIHAD organises an interesting series of Innovation Workshops, where various guest speakers will give lectures on the theme of SDGs, Partnerships and Cooperation for Sustainable Development. Alpinter will be running an Innovation Workshop this year, highlighting the importance of minimising the environmental impact in core relief items and how we go about this within our company.


Sustainability at Alpinter

At Alpinter we’re committed to sustainability: with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re convinced that we have to lead by example and set new standards within the sector. Sustainability is an important driver of innovation at Alpinter. Our in-house research and development team is not only committed to seeking improvement and innovation in product development; integrating sustainability in our products and services is an equally important part of their daily mission.

With the purpose of minimising our impact, we are guided by a number of key principles in our business activities.

Conscious material choices

Since our tents and other core relief items have to face the most extreme conditions, they are all manufactured from the highest quality materials that are made to last. Our R&D team carefully seeks for the most suitable materials, taking into account our clients’ specifications, the context in which the products are used and their durability.

Waste elimination and second life

During the production process of any of our relief aid items, we do our utmost to reduce waste to the absolute minimum and to use all of our materials and natural resources as sparingly as possible. Packaging is also devised as best as possible to encourage reuse once the relief aid items have served their initial purpose.

Logistics optimisation

Alpinter is active in a market where logistics really make the difference. For this, we optimise our products, their packaging and our logistics solutions to ship and transport the products as efficiently and eco-consciously as possible. Also, by maintaining strategic stocks in key worldwide locations, such as Belgium, UAE, Pakistan, China and Bulgaria, Alpinter can provide core relief items to its partners in a fast and efficient way. Our global warehousing and logistics network is also engineered for the unexpected.

Conscious use of natural resources

Both in our production processes and at our offices, we consciously manage the use of natural resources. From innovative industrial production processes to policies for switching off lights at our offices when not required. Because sometimes the smallest things bring about the biggest changes.


Are you attending DIHAD and interested in learning more about Alpinter’s efforts to minimise its impact? Come and visit us at booth E16 or attend our Innovation Workshop on 15/03 between 16:30 en 17:30 to learn more about our team and company.

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