Quality Testing for XPERT Tent Aluminium Frame

Quality is Key

Humanitarian shelter and support items are by definition deployed in some of the most demanding human and climatic environments. While quality is an important consideration for all manufacturers, the longevity and fitness for purpose of disaster relief items is particularly critical for sustaining lives in remote regions.

Keeping with Alpinter’s policy of continuous, proactive quality control, we recently undertook materials testing in conjunction with the specialist lab Sirris. Intensive testing was carried out on the aluminium frame sourced from a new supplier, so we could be certain that the materials met the stringent requirements for Alpinter XPERT High Performance Tents.

Sirris completed the project in only five days. Their analysis made it possible to validate the tensile strength of the material. Thanks to these intensive and ongoing testing efforts Alpinter guarantees that the performance of its products meets and exceeds customer requirements.

Read the article: https://www.sirris.be/reference/alpinter-arranges-quality-testing-aluminium-alloy-tents


About Alpinter XPERT High Performance Tent

Multipurpose Tents are a cornerstone of UNICEF’s efforts to improve the lives of women and children in disaster zones. The UNICEF High Performance Tent TTP was a once in a decade opportunity to improve upon a staple humanitarian item, a challenge Alpinter accepted.

Combining UNICEF’s frameworks with our humanitarian experience and engineering know-how, our XPERT High Performance Tent was created and eventually homologated. Significantly higher performing and environmentally friendly, the results of this joint public-private project ensure the safety, dignity and comfort of women and children facing adversity for years to come.


About the XPERT tent: https://www.alpinter.com/product-category/xpert/

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